RSD Pickle Tracker

The Pickle tracker came to us in a dream. Perhaps it’s our continuous need to snack when we’re racing to keep our nervous hands in check. Or maybe it’s the fondness in which we can look down and see a pickle smiling back up at us from between our legs. Either way we destroyed the Ameritracker in multiple Hooligan pile ups and we had to do a complete rebuild. So the pickle tracker was born. Faster, stronger and greener with some new RSD parts as well.

Paint by Chris Wood at Airtrix  

Our own Hooligan, Cameron Brewer has grown quite fond of the Pickle as of late. Taking her to a 3rd place finish at the Lost Highway show and win at the HD Hooligan race in Austin earlier in the year. Be on the look out for her green stubly head coming to a Hooligan Short track near you