RSD Super73 Racer

With the introduction of the Super73 and other electric hub motored bikes we couldn’t help but to imagine racetracks in indoor facilities where racing makes its way in front of the public with little sound and no emissions on rentable rider friendly machines. It’s a low risk, high fun concept and we’ve started at the bottom of the performance scale with an easily accessible and un-intimidating machine that looks the part.

In the case of local transpo we’ve seen the introduction of the electric scooter displacing the bicycle in some places. In any case people are getting their first shot at a two wheeled powered machine, even if they are standing on it. It opens up the case for low dollar, low power bicycle class electric bikes and pedal assist platforms without the need for ownership. Of course we can’t go too far down any road until we start thinking about racing and what that looks like with a low powered electric platform. 

We took a simple direction for the build converting the utilitarian Super73 into a slim road racer. The bike would roll on slicks giving us plenty of traction when leaning the bike over at extreme angles. The Fork was a proto type unit from Super73 and added adjustability into the frontal dampening. The back of the bike was removed and a slim sub frame and aggressive tapered rear tube was put in place to give the machine some race flavor. This also helped simplify the lines of the bike.

The stock batter/gas tank was covered with a one piece gas tank and tail section fashioned from our Pikes Peak Project 156 tank mold. In theme with the racer mentality, the brank mount was removed goin full electric with no pedal assist. We added a plexiglass panel to reside in the empty void at the center of the bike. The paint was applied by Jay LaRossa at matching number panels and fork graphics by ZLT were fashioned completing the racers transformation.

Electric motorcycles are the future. Not the only future, but it’s undeniable that the electric revolution is upon us and it will touch everyone and everything. The next ten years will see vast changes in how we move about our planet and accessibility to transportation on two and four wheels.