RSD Wee Monkey

For a guy like WeeMan who’s an Instagram Millionaire he’s gone through the process of having too much to stripping back and simplifying his life to only what’s necessary. He spends a lot of time on the road in his custom sprinter van exploring the world and the Wee Monkey gives him the opportunity to set up camp and have bitchin street legal transportation anywhere he goes.

Customized, comfortable and quick the Wee Monkey adds to a life on the road and as any moto head knows, having that bike that fits you just right improves any riding experience.

Anyone who’s stepping back on a bike after a 20 year hiatus knows how important it is to feel comfortable and this was the excuse to go from a stock machine to fully custom. Along the way we got to remove a considerable amount of weight at just over 40lbs. less than stock which improved rideability and the overall performance of the bike.

Custom Fab:

  • Subframe: RSD hand fabricated custom lowered subframe
  • Kickstand: RSD modified kickstand by Chimera
  • Seat: RSD custom low seat by Saddlemen Seats

Parts List:

  • Paint: Airtrix
  • Headlight Guard: HRP Motors
  • Turn Signals: Yoshimura mounting plates
  • Turn Signals: Koso
  • Tail Light: Slimline assembly
  • Bodywork: Tyga carbon fiber front/rear fender
  • Front Suspension: Racing Bros Fork Lowering Kit (3-4")
  • Rear Suspension: Racing Bros 280mm Rear Shocks (Z50)
  • Front Fender: Composimo Front fender lift kit
  • Rear Fender: TST Adjustable Rear "Fender Eliminator" Kit
  • Gas Cap: Driven Racing
  • Skidplate: Kitaco skid plate
  • Intake: Chimera intake manifold clocking flange
  • Intake: K&N Air Filter 43mm
  • Exhaust: Yoshimura GP Magnum full system
  • Front Brake: Galfer front wave rotor 220mm
  • Front Brake: Chimera Brembo caliper bracket
  • Front Brake: Brembo P34 brake caliper
  • Rear Brake: Chimera Stunto Brembo bracket
  • Rear Brake: Brembo P34 brake caliper
  • Rear Brake: Galfer rear wave rotor 190mm
  • Brake Lines: Spiegler front and rear brake lines
  • Handlebars: Pro Taper Adventure Bars
  • Handlebars: ASV Levers
  • Risers: Pro Taper Universal Bar Mounts
  • Grips: Pro Taper full diamond grips
  • Foot Controls: Driven Racing Rearsets
  • Chain: DID 420 Chain & Superlite sprocket kit
  • Sprockets: Superlite 420 countershaft sprocket 15t and rear sprocket 36T
  • Clutch Cover: Kitaco Clutch Cover Kit
  • Shift Shaft: Hard Racing shift shaft support bracket
  • ECU Flash: CJR Performance
  • Engine: Driven Racing Timing and Valve Cover
  • Engine: Sex Machine Stator & Sprocket Cover
  • Tire: Dunlop Scootsmart
  • Wheels: BST Carbon Wheels supplied by Brocks Performance

As with many projects, what started as simply getting the fit right turned into much more. The engine got performance and aesthetic up grades. Exhaust from Yoshimura, Kitaco Clutch Cover, Chimera Intake with KN filter, Driven Racing timing and valve covers, Sex Machine Stator and Sprocket cover with Driven foot controls.

Handling was taken care of by a Racing Bros lowering kit and 280mm shocks, Carbon Fiber goodies from Composimo, Pro Taper Bars and Grips, ASV adjustable levers.

The brake upgrade was key because WeeMan likes to go fast and the with the upgrades the Monkey was capable of 70 plus MPH. Brembo calipers coupled with Galfer Wave Rotors and Spiegler brakes were mounted to BST Carbon Wheels supplied by Brocks Performance and wrapped in Dunlop Tires.

To wrap up the build we sent the frame out for a avocado green powder coat and the tank went to Chris Wood at Airtrix for the final touches on the gas tank. A Black on Black with Carbon paneled tank and avocado pinstriping.

It seems like it’s small but in execution it’s not much smaller seat height wise than a standard bike. But it has a massive seat so simply removing the seat drastically reduced the seat height, but that only got us part of the way there. It would take some cutting and tweaking and movement of components to get the seat height lowered to that of a 10 year old. For Jason, it’s the Inseam that makes fitting on a standard bike tough. So cut we did and after lowering the fork, custom fabricating a custom sub frame and shock mounts and shorter upgraded shocks as well as trimmed custom Saddlemen seat we were able to get J’s feet on the ground.

We are a non-denominational motorcycle company. If it has two wheels and can be improved in the eye’s of the owner and the RSD crew, it’s a project we are willing to take on. When we were approached by our friend Jason “WeeMan” Acuna to build a bike to his scale it was something that was both exciting and new. It would be Jason’s re introduction to motorcycles. He’d spent his younger years on small CC mini moto crossers and he was looking to get back on two wheels, on the street. Jason wanted something that was geared for the pavement and built especially for him both in function and aesthetic. Now Jason is not your average biker. He’s got a normal size torso with short legs and short arms. And starting out with a small bike seemed like the right thing to do. Enter the Honda Monkey.