RSD X BMW R 18 Dragster










The R 18 Dragster custom bike in detail

  1. The frame has been modified completely, removing the rear

suspension for drag racing.

  1. Front and rear fenders have been slightly modified utilizing the stock

sheet metal parts in order to keep the classic R 18 silhouette.

  1. The headlight has been taken from the original R 18 and is

highlighted with the headlight bezel from the design collection of

milled aluminum parts.

  1. The standard exhaust has been replaced with a hand fabricated

Stainless Steel twin megaphone system utilizing the exhaust tips from

the milled aluminum parts.

  1. The hydraulic front brake and clutch master cylinders are from Roland

Sands Design.

  1. The tank has been taken over from the original R 18.
  2. The paint finish is a two-tone metallic blue with classic white BMW pinstripes

by Roland's long time painter Chris Wood.

  1. The fork has been taken from the BMW R nineT.
  2. The front braking system has been taken from the S 1000 RR


  1. The seat has been built from scratch and is an RSD custom seat by