RSD X Buffalo Chip Moto Stampede Indian Scout Giveaway

Buffalo Chip's Moto Stampede BIKE GIVEAWAY! Enter to win this RSD Super Hooligan Indian or a Carey Hart RCH Indian. Roland and Carey Hart of RCH Racing have transformed a pair of 2017 Indian Scout Sixty motorcycles into two mischievous Evil Twin Super Hooligan motorcycles that will show the world what racing on dirt is all about. And you can take one of the beasts home by entering to win below.

Since day one, we’ve honestly wondered how long theses Indian Scout Sixty engines would last, knowing how they were treated right out of the box and how they live their lives wide open. Not usually how most people treat a brand new motorcycle. After all of the revving and thrashing that is Hooligan racing, we have honestly never had to do anything to the internals of any of the engines in these bikes. We are truly impressed, and we are still trying to break them. These Scout Sixtys have proven themselves over and over to be strong and take repeated beatings with minimal maintenance. After each race all we seriously have to worry about is washing them off, changing the Motul oil, replacing K&N oil filters and new Dunlop DT3 tires as the wear... that’s it, outside whatever we have bent or broken from crashes. Exactly what most of us want out of a motorcycle; something you can enjoy riding more than working on.

It has been said, usually by the guy you don’t really trust fully, “break it in the way you’re going to ride it”. We are used to breaking-in bikes properly, but without any other option, that’s exactly what we did with this bike. A perfectly good, brand new bike, pulled apart, modified with bolt-on parts, reassembled then hammered on repeatedly. There’s nothing quite like taking a brand new bike to the race track and bouncing it off the rev limiter, sliding sideways, banging into other people, crashing, etc. It feels good and bad all at the same time.