RSD x Dymag Sector Race Wheels

Promotional banner featuring a collaboration between Dymag and Sector Race Wheels. The image showcases a high-performance racing wheel in bronze, centered on a smoky background with the logos of 'Dymag' and 'Sector Race Wheels' on either side, highlighting the partnership.



We are proud to unveil an exciting partnership with the iconic British wheel manufacturer, Dymag, heralding a new era of excellence in the industry. Together, we are thrilled to introduce the Sector Race Wheel, a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends track performance with street style.

Following an electrifying debut at the prestigious Daytona Speedway during the Super Hooligan Series in early March, the Dymag x Roland Sands Racing Sector Wheels represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and engineering ingenuity. These meticulously crafted forged aluminum wheels, fully CNC machined with lightweight hubs and integrated cush drive, are meticulously designed to elevate both the aesthetic appeal and the performance capabilities of motorcycles. This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering premium quality products to motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe.

Two sleek black Dymag racing wheels side by side against a white background. Both wheels feature intricate spoke designs with a shiny finish, labeled 'Dymag UP7X' and equipped with central hubs for high-performance racing applications.
A detailed view of three golden Dymag racing wheels arranged sequentially against a smoky background. The focus gradually shifts from a close-up of the wheel hub in the foreground to a full view of the wheel in the background, highlighting the sleek design and metallic finish of the wheels.
Action shot of a racing motorcycle with Dymag wheels in motion on a racetrack, showing the rider in full gear leaning into a turn.
Two racing motorcycles with Dymag wheels parked side by side at sunset, with vibrant sky colors reflecting off the metallic surfaces of the bikes.
Motorcycle equipped with Dymag wheels in a dramatic workshop setting, highlighted by shafts of light illuminating the dark surroundings and casting a warm glow on the bike.
Close-up of a golden Dymag racing wheel with intricate spoke design and hub details, set against a softly focused, metallic workshop background.

Lightweight, Sturdy, and Strikingly Beautiful

The Sector Race Wheel sets a new standard in wheel design, offering an optimal balance of lightweight construction and uncompromising strength. This groundbreaking product promises to redefine the riding experience, enhancing acceleration, maneuverability, and braking performance with every twist of the throttle. Whether tearing up the track or cruising the streets, these wheels are an essential upgrade for riders seeking ultimate performance and style.

Crafted for Performance

Meticulously engineered with the demands of the racetrack in mind, the Sector Race Wheels have undergone rigorous testing and analysis to ensure unmatched durability and performance. Yet, their robust construction and sleek design make them equally adept at meeting the rigors of everyday street riding, enhancing both agility and safety with every mile traveled.

Universal Appeal

Understanding the diverse needs of the motorcycle community, Roland Sands Design and Dymag have made the Sector Race Wheels available for most popular makes and models in a captivating array of colors. This commitment ensures that riders across various brands can experience the unparalleled performance and style of Sector race wheels. With impeccable fit and finish, these wheels offer a seamless integration with OEM applications, providing a hassle-free installation process. (Special fitments may be available upon request.)


Currently, available sizes include 17 x 3.5 for fronts, and 17 x 5.5 and 17 x 6.0 for rears, with additional sizes tailored for American heavyweight cruisers and beyond set to be introduced soon.

Extreme close-up of the rim of a bronze Dymag racing wheel, showcasing the embossed 'DYMAG' logo and detailed texture of the metal surface, with a blurred dark background enhancing the focus on the wheel's craftsmanship.
Close-up of a golden Dymag racing wheel with intricate spoke design and hub details, set against a softly focused, metallic workshop background.
Detailed close-up of a bronze motorcycle wheel by Dymag, highlighting the elegant spoke design illuminated by bright light reflections, creating a warm metallic glow.
Close-up of a bronze Dymag motorcycle wheel with embossed product details along the rim edge, set against a dark, blurred workshop background.
"Intensely detailed image focusing on the bronze Dymag wheel, chain, and sprocket of a motorcycle, emphasizing the gritty texture of the tire and the precision engineering of the components.

Technical Points

  • Ultra-low moment of inertia
  • 30% lighter than OEM cast aluminum.
  • Latest low-density composite and metallic materials
  • Advanced engineering and optimization at every stage
  • Complemented by class-leading aesthetic finishes and quality.
  • Lower unsprung mass
  • Lower gyroscopic force
  • Superior handling
  • Faster acceleration
  • Sharper braking
  • Improved ride

About Dymag

Dymag is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-performance motorcycle and automotive wheels. With a legacy of innovation that spans decades, the company has consistently delivered products that push the boundaries of technology, safety, and design with a fit quality second to none.