RSD X Indian Riverbed Trail Jump

The new Indian Scout has proven itself a worthy adversary to the HD Sportster in Hooligan racing circles. It’s high reving water cooled vtwin is a fun and usable motor with a peaky torque curve that’s more like a 450 motocross bike than a loppey vtwin. While still a heavy bike in race trim at 480lbs. it’s deceptively good and responsive in the dirt. After a road trip to Sturgis, city riding, racing in TT races, Hill climbs, short tracks and half miles we still had to ask ourselves what was next for the Scout racers. Our friend Troy Hoff who’s been racing one of our Indians answered the question for us on a Sunny California afternoon.

Roland: Are you ok? I ask you this every time I see you, it’s what people used to always ask me when I was racing.

Troy Hoff: Lol seems that I'm never 100% these days.

Roland: Have you raced professionally or at an amateur level?

Troy Hoff:  Not since this past year. I have always been a stunt rider and came from a back ground of dirt jumping BMX. Its always been about more slow and controlled riding for me but I'm really enjoying the learning process of trying to get the most out of these peppy Indian Scouts. It truly is a blast to rip on one of these machines.

Roland: What’s your profession? 9-5?

Troy Hoff: Stunt Rider.

Roland: What’s it take to do what you do on a motorcycle?

Troy Hoff: True love for the sport and learning how to crash lol. Yes you can learn how to crash!

Roland: Is gravity your friend?

Troy Hoff: Yes and so Is weight. That’s why I love throwing around these big bikes.

Roland: What do you make of the Vtwin stunt scene vs. the Sport bike stunt scene?

Troy Hoff: It’s A different generation of young rippers. Its fun to watch the progression of the style of all the different riders. I was truly burned out on the sport bike scene and it was not fun to me anymore. Building my Dyna and trying to push my same style of riding on the 500lb bike has def brought back the love for me. Its a learning experience which also add to the enjoyment for me.

Roland: How’d you get into Stunting?

Troy Hoff: I grew up down the street from Jason Britton. He would always bust out for me when riding by and I just knew that I would be that guy one day.

Roland: First bike?

Troy Hoff: 1982 CB900 sp

Roland: What’s your opinion of the Scout?

Troy Hoff: Hands down one of the most fun bikes I have ever got to rip on. So much power but great handling in a tight area. She is a ripper.

Roland: What’s it like hucking an 500 lb motorcycle?

Troy Hoff: Kinda like when you get on the airplane and the cocktail lady tells you to fasten your seat belt.

Roland: Worst injury?

Troy Hoff: I flipped A high chair scrape in the beginning of this year Feb. 28th. Broke L1 _L5 transverse process in me back and bulged two vertebrae.

Roland: Longest wheelie?

Troy Hoff: The whole 22 freeway on my Honda 929RR back in the day.

Roland: What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve done on a bike?

Troy Hoff: I really don’t think I should put this one out there.

Roland: How do you know the RSD crew?

Troy Hoff: I met Roland down at the Costa Mesa speedway while racing my Dyna.

Roland: Stunting, now hooligan racing. How do those two skill sets align for you?

Troy Hoff: Its great. Gives you more feel for both styles and helps me send it harder.

Roland: Wheelies or burnouts?

Troy Hoff: Wheelies all day ..

Roland: Beer or Whiskey?

Troy Hoff: 420

Roland: What’s next, scooter hooligans, ADV stunting, Back flipping sport bikes?

Troy Hoff: Lets back flip a scout … I'd def be ready to send it into a foam pit and see if could get it to a dirt landing..