RSD X MotoGeo Scrambler

Our boy Jamie Robinson at MotoGeo loves his adventures. His most recent exploit includes a new Ducati Scrambler and a voyage to Mexico. In ultimate last minute fashion Jamie showed up at RSD a few days before he left for Mexico hoping to tweak the Scrambler to make it more Baja friendly. We did what we could in an extremely tight time frame removing all unnecessary weight.

We also modified the exhaust with an RSD slant system, built a skid plate to guard the fragile underbelly from impending rocky doom. We raised the front fender to sit under the lower triple clamp and installed Easton risers and high rise bars for a more Baja friendly riding position...which means you’re standing on the pegs a lot. Aesthetically we modified the seat line to lose the low slung radius and straightened things out by building some aluminum side shrouds under the tail by trimming the stock seat back, pulling the standard seat cover tight and re stapled it. It was all we could do in two days, but the machine got Jamie where he needed to go. Follow him and the Scrambler in their adventures!

Almost forgot about the Mexican Blanket wrapped side panels courtesy of Spin Imaging. We don’t know if they helped keep Jamie warm, but it’s the thought that counts.