RSD X Super 73 RX Malibu


It’s been almost 18 months since our first collaboration with SUPER73® – the American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes. For us, it was an opportunity to leave a mark on the rapidly expanding and highly innovative electric motorbike and e-bike market. For SUPER73, it signified the company’s dominance in the segment and its eagerness to demolish the preconceptions of what electric transportation should represent.

Finished in eye-catching yellow, orange and red graphics, the RSD x S73-RX intentionally blurs the lines between SUPER73's cutting edge technology and design innovation, coupled with Rolands’ racing influence. Beyond its unique aesthetic, the build pushes the envelope of performance and functionality in this segment of electric vehicles.

While it is undoubtedly a head-turner, the RSD x S73-RX is equipped with a beefed-up version of SUPER73's most powerful drivetrain. The result is the most potent vehicle to ever carry the SUPER73 logo.

To keep it in check, Fox Suspension has been installed and the battery relocated to improve the handling characteristics. The latter allowed an extended moto-style seat to be created, giving the rider greater freedom of movement required for performance riding.

With the increased power comes outstanding stopping ability thanks to top-of-the-line Magura brake sets specifically designed for powerful e-bike applications. The brakes allow riders to configure the controls to match either a bicycle or motorcycle brake set up thanks to ambidextrous reservoirs. To further refine the controls, the team replaced the traditional SUPER73 thumb throttle with a full-twist throttle by Magura.

Lastly, to keep the ripper planted, the Roland Sands Design x SUPER73-RX Collaboration bike debuts the new SUPER73 GRZLY all-terrain tires. With a chunky tread pattern, the GRZLY is the widest and most aggressive off-road tire in the segment.

Roland Sands Design x SUPER73-RX Collaboration bike highlights:

  • Prototype SUPER73 Battery and Controller to increase power delivery
  • Relocated battery to lower center of gravity
  • Adjustable Fox suspension
  • Magura performance e-bike hydraulic brakes
  • Magura twist throttle
  • Moto-style seat developed with RSD and Saddlemen
  • 4.5x20” front, 5x20” rear SUPER73 GRZLY tires
  • Custom paint and graphics