RSD Yamaha Bolt

We brought the Bolt out to San Pedro for a quick shoot with some friends. We were able to get some video footage and a few shots off before the Port Police came and stopped our shenanigans. Hopefully we can get a video out of this bike in action pretty soon.
The bolt is a bike we were excited to build because its an effective simple layout. It can be said its very close to a sportster in the right ways. Ease of customization being a big plus. The fact it's cheaper, lighter, faster and handles better is hard to ignore for anyone who wants an easily customizable bike at the right price. I've been wanting to build a streetable tracker for a while and it was crazy how this bike just accepted that route so well. We didnt do a huge amount of mods. Zero cutting of anything. Stock tank. Glass tail. Fabbed side number plates and front number plate. Remove headlight. 19" wheels, flattrack tires. Rsd pipe, exhaust, pegs, bars, risers and grips were all bolt on. That's about it. As featured on BIKEEXIF
It wants to be a chopper, a flattracker, a café racer or just about anything really. In the same vein as the Sportster and the Bonneville which are both easy to customize, the Bolt gives a new option at an attractive price point. We got our ideas crossed and ended up somewhere between a café racer and a flat tracker. Cool thing is we can swap a few parts around and get either or both.
The Yamaha Bolt is a cool bike. It’s great to see a manufacturer that gets it when it comes to providing an easily customizable machine to its customers. We are impressed at how simple the bike is and can envision endless possibilities for modifications and tweaks to make this machine unique.

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