Ryan Sheckler Bike

Ryan Sheckler is one busy dude but makes sure never to neglect his girl. He dropped off his Softail for some updates before he headed off on a skate trip with Volcom. As you can see from before, he was running a RSD Tracker high pipe. He wanted to get up-to-date and get some of the heat off his leg by using one of our new RSD Slant Carbon exhaust systems instead. Since his bike is setup with PM mid-controls, our production Slant exhaust wouldn’t fit. It’s nothing a little stainless rod and a tig welder couldn’t fix. We ran the head pipes real tight up to motor and rotated the 2-into-1 collector to about a 45 degree for maximum ground clearance. We also tossed on a set of Clarity Rockerbox Covers. A bike is never “done”, it’s just done for today. Enjoy it Ryan!  

Quick update to Sheckler's bike. He wanted to switch up a few things so we threw on our Contrast Cut Moto Cross bars, Black Transmission Cover and Contrast Cut Clarity Cam Cover on the bike. We think it’s a tasteful change. What do you think?
Roland and the RSD crew built this 2007 HD Softail for Pro Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. Check out the bike, complete with custom skateboard rack, and all the shenanigans that went on when the X-Games gold medalist came by the shop to pick up his one of a kind RSD custom.