See See Motorcycles

See See Motor Coffee was and is a grassroots movement of keeping motorcycling alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. In an area where nine months out of the year it rains, it pours and the old man definitely snores... See See wanted to create a community that could reach out to a network of people and riders that had never met or had a place to do so. They created a Motorcycle centric retail and coffee cafe to provide such a space for that community. Their company has.. and always will be inclusive to all riders of all types at all levels and at all times. They have paved the way for many other small moto-centric folks to do the same in their own local communities. See See Motorcycles' name is a play on their logo which has ALWAYS been a smiley face with two C's as it's eyes... showcasing their friendly approach to getting out there, riding motorcycles and enjoying it too. They have a very unique setup with motorcycle gear, parts, apparel and custom fab shops, they combine engines and espresso all under one roof. They love their regulars, and first timers! If you've never been in, make sure to stop by and check them out. They are also the proud creators and owners of the annual One Motorcycle Show going on almost 10 Years.

(503) 894-9566
It seems like every time we hang out it’s always 2am and we end up in a steaming pool of water. What is so endearing about jacuzzi’s?
This sounds way worse than it actually is, I think the hot tub is like a mafia safe house. If your willing to sit in a hot pool of water with another person there are a lot of social blockades that dont apply. Its hard to be cool in a hot tub? literally and figuratively! Can you imagine if after every Hooligan race everyone had to discuss the race in a hot tub. or...yeah what if you put the two guys that have a problem with each other in the penalty hot tub? Man... your on to something.
How did you come up with the name See See?
I had a weird dream this guy was riding a cafe race style bike on the side of his helmet was this logo (top). The eyes are looking forward or you can see the future or you can see the past. Maybe like inspired by the past and creating our own future. So the company had a logo and needed a name, obviously it looks like 2- C's, cubic centimeter motorcycles is too pigeon holed, so See See Motorcycles it was. A dream come true...
The One Show is part of the reason many of us bikers have become acquainted with Portland. What’s special to you about the area and why’s it so fun?
Well thank you, Yeah Portland has always been this little metropolis in the pnw. I moved here back when i was 15 years old, i was trying to be a pro snowboarder. I was washed up at the age of 20 and quit snowboarding. i went back to my roots, skateboarding. Oregon has the best skateparks, well at least in the early 2000's it did. eventually getting back into motorcycles as a fun escape from the board world. long of the short, i think Portland has a quality of life thing that as an outdoorser is really appealing. A lot of interesting people live here subsequently. the caveat is that in recent years it has changed a lot. its grown into a rather big city. Some people who dont live here just picture bearded men in flannels eating overpriced doughnuts while wearing skinny jeans, living like a king on mountains of money given to them by rich parents. Fact is... its pretty rainy and hard to make a living unless you are motivated. But i like the stereo type, its created some good conversations.
The One Show helped usher in a new generation of bike shows. How do you think the One Show has affected the industry?
The point of the one show was to create a new open and inclusive environment. The first show 8 years ago brought together all types of motorcyclists. Old guys, racers, chopper folk, young people, and yes bearded men in flannels. It was always meant to highlight the bikes as art and the people who build and care for them as the artists. Additionally, the winter can be pretty long up here and it gave people a reason to get together. The show grew naturally and im proud to say each and every show has been way different and doubled in size. I think the show has had a really positive affect on the moto world. From the garage builder to the full fabrication shop, even OEM's its provided a space for everyone a place to participate. Not only that, the show has inspired a lot of other shows very similar in style to pop up. I cant claim anything but im happy for what we created with the One Show. Hopefully motorcycle manufactures see the importance and continue to support us. (wink Wink)
I thought you were a shop teacher when I first met you. But you always seem to end up in front of me when we are racing flat track. You bastard. Where do your skills come from?
Insecurity and rage... or sheer skill and not that, maybe just luck? but im not lucky. Maybe the mustache? or the barn hay style haircut? cool thing about you Roland is you are a fierce competitor, remember when we drag raced in france? Fuck man you came about 2 inches from sending both of us into the ditch? I think flat track is fun, but i dont consider myself super fast, just out there delivering pizza. which reminds me.....
IT seems See See is into all kinds of motorcycle related stuff and you always do it in a unique way. What feeds that creative fire?
Haha, well... copying someone is over done, as they say. Im just a little weird and that is the fire, i like motorcycles combine the two and add a bunch of hard work and sprinkle some creativity on top and you have a tasty motorcycle cupcake.
What’s next for See See’s racing endeavors?
I would love to have a national level competitive racing team of some sort, we have a ktm dealership now, about 8 months into it. If we had a full time team i would be over the moon with excitement. As far as my race promotion goes, I will continue to host and support the pnw flat track scene, id like to start hosting off-road races, maybe like multiple day races or something? Any builds on the bench you’d like to talk about? Just finished a Harley- Davidson "roadster" 1200 for hooligan racing + my daily rider. I used world famous RSD foot parts for the controls. Nice parts, those ones. It will be racing the Dirt Quake USA.
Harley Vs. Indian. What’s your take?
Racing is good, Someone aught to put them together in a hot tub and let them work some shit out. jk, The one thing i wish is that there was more competition, Indian has been slaying everyone. My overlaying view is man!,,i just love motorcycles. keep making em better!
I’ve always liked how you don’t take things to serious, what do you take seriously?
I take not taking seriously very seriously. but if your asking what my threshold is, id say unnecessary harm. calculated risk = good. blatant disrespect = bad.
How was that Hotel Tacoma trip? I was pleasantly surprised to meet you there and to make it home alive. Skim boarding behind the Squatch?
Man the Hotel Tacoma trip was my A.D.D. heaven. 3 days of extreme activities, wheelies, running over hollywood actors and of corse the first ever skim board tow behind a sasquach themed quad thing with a couch on the back, wheelie. I was pretty soar after that weekend. I dont think we have ever hung out outside the moto world which was super fun. you're a nut.
What should be build for next year? what should "we" build together you mean, lets build voltron out of motorized vehicles! you build one part, ill build another, we can clip them together and get wild.
If you could build literally anything with an unlimited budget. What would you do?
this may sound boring but a new house! complete with really nice garage, kitchen, place to sleep, and brand new toilet. My more interesting answer is: a race rig, like a container on a truck, that folds out into a mini cafe, workshop, racebikes stash, couple minibikes. Maybe a little bit like your container thing but on a truck.
Moto GP or GNC?
believe it or not im a MX connoisseur. I like watching Super Cross. If not SX i like the rally stuff or endurance races.
Beer or Whiskey?
Beer, plenty of it every day.
Burn outs or Wheelies?
combo, the most exotic burnout wheelie, that shit is way hard.
What’s the fastest you’ve been on two wheels?
when i was road racing i had a crb929 that fucker was fast. who knows? the strait away at PIR is really long maybe 175?
You just got married, Congrats! How’s the journey, any nino’s on the way?
married life is the best! its a big relief someone wants to spend the rest of their life with me. I'm a pain in the ass. My Wife Tori is the coolest, she races, and is super pretty. Im lucky to have her! I always tell her 10 boys please, so i have friends when i get older. She rolls her eyes at that one.
What do you see as the future of our little industry?
The fact that electro bikes are becoming as fast and usable as combustion engines gives me hope. I dont think they will replace combustion engines but i think they will create a new way to enjoy 2 wheels. Kinda like if you had a chopper and a dirt bike. 2 different ways to enjoy riding. Also its funny that we are becoming the old guys in motorcycles. You're old! haha. Im 36