Shuan White Build

The original plans for this bike entailed lots of custom metal fabrication, forged machined RSD wheels, hand made exhaust and an all-around make-over to create a steed at that would propel a winner of X-Games gold. After talking with Shawn throughout the culmination of the build, it turns out his vision slightly changed direction. Since he is new to motorcycling and this is his first bike, he has begun paying more attention to different styles and options out there and decided that he wanted the bike to be very simple. We figure he has enough flare in the rest of his life so we agreed to tone it back but still keep it custom. By Shawn’s request, the bike was blacked out from head to toe by Chris Wood at Airtrix. The original wheels were pulled apart, powder coated gloss black and re-laced by Dubya USA and Olympic Powdercoating. We made a custom set of hand shaped aluminum side covers that thinned the bike up a touch while covering the K&N air cleaners from British Customs. Other RSD custom fab’d parts include the rear grab bar and turn signal mounts. The stock Scrambler seat was replaced with a Triumph Thruxton version. The foam was re-shaped to provide a lower seat height then it was wrapped in a layer of fine leather. Progressive Suspension lowered the forks and did their magic on the internals and supplied a custom made set of 970 Series rear reservoir shocks to keep the ride plush. Triumph supplied the snazzy Arrow 2-into-1 high pipe and helped us re-map the fuel injection system for the proper mixture. We modified an RSD Tag Bracket, Tracker Grips, and gas cap, from our H-D parts assortment, and adapted them to fit the Trumpet. As ordered, this bike is sweet yet simple. There is something to be said for simplicity and if you know what you’re looking at, you will notice the quite modifications. Hopefully Shaun will enjoy riding this bike so much that it inspires him to take up motorcycle racing where, with talent like he has, he would most definitely rip up the track. Enjoy the freedom that two wheels brings!
Shaun wanted something simple and classic with very little flare so we're keeping it clean. Flat black, shaved signals, some custom parts from a few of our friends, powder coated rims, hand made aluminum side covers to accent the K&N filters on the injectors, removed the rear fender, stainless exhaust, nothing crazy.. A big concern for Shaun was that it was lowered, he’s not the tallest dude and this is his first bike so he didn’t want to be on his toes as the stock scrambler is a little tall. Progressive lowered the stock fork and re-valved them. They also built a custom set of reservoir shocks to go with the lowered forks for an nice even stance. Almost done!! Here's the rendering.
The good guys over at The Speed Merchant found out about our late model Scrambler 900 project and thought it deserved their new Stator and Sprocket covers. Cast from aluminum right here in local California, reminiscent of the finned covers that Webco used to make in the 50's and 60's.
We've also been busy fab'ing up a few of our own custom parts. We bent up a simple rear bar to continue the frame rails behind the seat and used some LED Micro tail lights from Spiegler USA. Then we made a set of aluminum side panels to fit tight with the pod filters that came in the airbox removal kit sent to us from British Customs. These covers should keep a bit more mud and debris out while still allowing the engine to breathe.
We're truly impressed with the quality of all parts we've been getting sent our way by these companies. There's a lot of great aftermarket stuff out there for the new Triumphs and everything we've received has bolted right on like it should. It's always nice to be surrounded by good company.
We wanted to put this triumph heavyweight on a diet and the most obvious way to shed a few pounds was ditch the exhaust. The stock exhaust weighed in at a plump 29lbs. We replaced it with a lightweight sporty headlight. We fabricated a stainless mount for the headlight that houses the new
Arrow 2 into 1 that packs a punch. The stock gauge cluster was also ditched and replace with a HDMotogadget motoscope mini . This tiny gauge will clean up any space cluttered up by unsightly oversized gauges. Thanks to the guys at Spiegler Performance for the hookup on the Motogadget.
Our friend and gold medalist Shaun White sent us a brand new Triumph Scrambler to do a little tweaking on. It’s his first bike, but he didn’t want it to look like every Triumph on the road. We agreed, the Scrambler looks great stock, but there are some details that could use a little hand work. We’ll be keeping this one simple, so look for progress in the coming months.  
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