Streetbike Tommy's Bodybike

The boundaries of taste are often defined by the company you keep. When you are hanging out with the Nitro Circus the boundaries are well… there really are no boundaries with the Nitro Crew. So when Travis Pastrana gifted this here Suzuki to his beloved man friend Streetbike Tommy, the request was for a machine that would stir the imagination. We hoped to provide Streetbike Tommy with a permanent friend for those long cold night rides. We feel we have accomplished the mission while being on the far, far left of our normal custom efforts. The modification of this machine was focused solely on the imagining of the body which was forged in glass fiber and resin. Lead boob shaper Andy “the whittler” Schmidt fully embraced the project. Deep into the night he carved and caressed the glass and bondo form until she submitted to his strong hands and solid… wait, what.. yes.. And there’s that. Over and out.
I think it’s important to clarify that Streetbike Tommy supplied the tiger wrapped tins, which he had carefully tucked away in his attic for just such a custom occasion. While Tiger is not our endangered pho’ animal skin of choice (we prefer zebra, or giraffe) we do have to admit the Tiger added just the right touch of aggression and comfort to take this unique machine to the top of the custom food chain.