Super Hooligan at Del Mar

We had a great time last Saturday, RSD X Indian Super Hooligan flat track racing in Del Mar, CA at Military Appreciation night. This event marked the second-to last round of the IV Flat Track season and every race they throw just gets better. Brian Bell and his crew hosted some epic racing, a live band, a cycle swap, a Junkyard Build Off race (8 guys bought and built bikes on $1000 then auctioned off for charity) and even had the legendary Malcolm Smith there signing his new autobiography for people. They always host every class you could imagine from pull-start mini bike, to open knobby, women, youth, Run What Ya' Brung, Hooligan, Pro 450, etc. and the Del Mar venue is so nice. Almost hard to believe we are allowed to race motorcycles at such a beautiful facility.

This weekend was standard oral short track racing plus TT racing (with a jump and right hand turn on the infield to mix it up a bit). The Hooligan class was definitely the biggest with 21 entries. We are stoked to see this class grow and the riders are not just out there messing around. Competition is definitely getting fierce.

Podium positions went to:
Hooligan Flat Track A Main – (1) Chris Wiggins , (2) Mark Atkins (3) Shaun Guardado
Hooligan Flat Track B Main – (1) Cory Rushford, (2) Rick Villnueva, (3) Josh Johnson
Hooligan TT Main – (1) Cameron Brewer (2) Mitch Gallagher, (3) Jim Ottele

We fielded four Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty Hooligan race bikes this weekend and riders consisted of Cameron Brewer (RSD Project Manager), Alex Wood (Southland Fabrication), Aaron Colton (Stunt Rider) and last but definitely not least, a guy named Jim Ottele who we met at the track the day of the race. He is pure racer and rides an amazing, brakeless, 1937 Indian Big Base Sport Scout on a regular basis. Not to mention he is active duty military and race in his fatigues which was cool, considering the theme for the night.

Here is how the night shook out for the RSD x Indian team:
1. Cameron Brewer - #24 Indian Scout
  •         Won flat track heat race. Jim Otelle lead until Brewer got underneath him in turn 3 on the second to last lap.
  •         Holeshot, lead and won TT heat race from beginning to end with Alex Wood (Scout) on his tail.
  •         Top Indian in flat track Hooligan Modified A flat track main event with 4th place finish. Drag raced across finish with Shaun Guardado trying for 3rd but got beat by an axle.
  •         Holeshot, lead and won TT main event from beginning to end with Mitch Gallagher breathing down his neck a couple times.

2. Alex Wood - #23 Indian Scout

  •         Second in flat track heat race. Wood snuck under Otelle, following Brewer, on second to last lap.
  •         Second in TT heat race behind Brewer
  •         Crashed in flat track Hooligan Modified A main but got up to finish 6th.
  •         Scratched in TT main event (DNS) due leg injury from crash in flat track main

3. Aaron Colton - #93 Indian Scout (Flat Track race only)

  •         Third in flat track heat race
  •         Crashed and got hit hard by Josh Johnson. Fourth in flat track Hooligan B main event after restart. Drag raced across finish line with Josh Johnson. Awesome race.

4. Jim Ottele - #47 Indian Scout

  •         3rd in flat track heat race. Lead until Brewer and Wood got underneath him in turn 3 on second to last lap
  •         2nd in TT heat race
  •         7th in flat track Hooligan Modified A main
  •         3rd in TT main event

5. Chopper Dave - #93 Scout (TT race only)

  •         5th in TT heat race      
  •         Scratched in TT main event (DNS) due to leg injury

Congrats to Ryan Wilson of Reno Nevada for winning the Indian giveaway! Enjoy your new Indian Motorcycle #Scout60

Your ticket to the races gets you in the drawing to win an INDIAN SCOUT SIXTY!

This weekend is the Ivy League Flat Track in Del Mar! It will be a great time filled with bikers, races and fun! Last year was a blast, we can't wait to see what's in store this year! Check out their page for more info on the event!