The One Motorcycle Show

The One Motorcycle Show was born from the idea that every bike was built, restored, or preserved for a reason. Founded by Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles in Portland, OR.

“I quickly began to notice that there was a growing number of people who loved this subculture of motorcycling, This was when I decided to host the first gathering of what we would deem The One Motorcycle Show. The idea that a bike meant more to someone through experiences and stories. The notion that a motorcycle was built, restored, constructed, invented, or modified for particular reasons, using the means at their disposal. This doesn’t stop at a particular year. People are expanding their range: you see a lot of late model customs inspiring vintage customs, and vice-versa.” -Thor Drake

Salem Indoor Speedway is a 1/8th mile banked clay oval in Salem Oregon. Local home track to GNC pros like Brad Baker, Sammy Halbert, Scott Baker, Davis Fisher & Joe Kopp. Fully covered, kind of dark inside, surrounded by 360 degrees of concrete walls and chain link fencing and bleachers for the fans sitting up high on the banking in turn 1-2 and 3-4, puts off a bit of a “Thunderdome” vibe. You could definitely tell a lot of racing has gone down on this small indoor track. With the One Show going on down in Portland, promoter Thor Drake from See See Motor Coffee Co. scheduled a shuttle bus to bring fans 50 miles up to watch the racing action so, it was also packed with spectators.

RSD fielded four Indian Scout Sixty Super Hooligan racers up against 11 Harleys. Drake McElroy #23, Travis Newbold #47, Cameron Brewer #10 and female local racer Tori George #31 piloted the Indian race machines for the first official race of the RSD x Indian Super Hooligan Tour. Most of the other Hooligan class riders also came up from Southern California to show the Pacific Northwest what this class is all about and… they did not disappoint. Full grandstands and a $1,000 purse made for some serious racing action to say the least. Most of the riders from So Cal are used to cushion tracks so riding on clay blue groove with more traction led to some pretty hairy racing. They race organizer ran 2 separate heat races and a combined main event with over 20 bikes on the track for 25 LAPS! Three of the Indians ran in the top five spots for the majority of the race. There were lots of crashes from everyone battling so hard and the bikes being so hooked up, resulting in 4 (or maybe 5?) race restarts

Throughout all of the carnage four riders did not finish the race with either broken bikes, broken bones or blood loss. Drake McElroy low-sided and caught a handlebar to the chin and Tori got cleaned out by another rider coming into turn 3. Staggered restarts kept it fair but still allowed another chance for the top riders to change up position into turn one and keeping things interesting. Everyone survived, the fans saw some crazy guys race modified stock-framed street bikes on the dirt. Professional roadracer Andy DiBrino (Street 750) went home with win and one thousand smackers while Pikes Peak racer and all around fast guy Travis Newbold (Indian Scout Sixty) came in second, and AMA GNC pro Brady Mueller (Sportster) rounded out the top three.