The Road to 200

Join us as we pit man and machine against gravity in a quest for the elusive 200 mph mark. Victory motorcycles and the team at rsd go head to head with asphalt and atmosphere with a turbo charged air-cooled victory v twin. The machine, once a docile street machine is transformed into a purpose built racer and the team travels to the infamous Maxton mile for a the true test of project 200.
Our trip to “The Monster Mile” at Maxton air force base in North Carolina was a hell of an adventure. What is basically a mile long solo drag race proved to be a formidable challenge for the RSD Victory and the Road to 200. Stay tuned for more details and a short film documenting the trials, tribulations and success of the RSD Team, Lloyd’z Performance and Victory as we chase the infamous 200MPH goal.
We just finished prepping the bike to ship to Maxton North Carolina. We will be taking our first attempts at breaking some land speed records for Victory. We leave for Maxton in a week and will be there all weekend.
The main racing surface at Maxton is approximately 1.9 miles long, which allows for a full one-mile measured race surface and approximately 0.9 miles for shut-down. Maxton has a slight bend shortly following the start and a more defined bend in the run-off area at the end of the short shutdown. There is less than a mile to shut down so brakes will be critical. Here are a few shots of us triple checking everything to ensure a safe trip.
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