Tucker's Tracker

This tracker is all about fun in a variety of conditions. She may not be big on Power, but what’s not there in the beans is made up for with attitude and stance.

An aggressive bar position using our Mega Riser and Pro Step bars allows for a motocross like riding position and plenty of leverage. The RSD Gauge mount gets the numbers where you need to see them.

We’ve added some tracker styling cues including a number plate with a mini headlight and tail section and seat with number plates that alter the bikes attitude to something like a vintage SuperBike meets flat tracker smashed into a Sportster. We’ve retained the stock struts in case you were scared to get the sawzall out. Helping out in the HP department is our Track Pipe and Blunt intake. Tracker Belt guard, pulley guard and front fork brace. Moto Foot pegs and adjustable regulator levers keep you in control. Fork Preload adjusters help dial in the front suspension while 15” progressive shocks help to de rake the sporty’s lazy neck and get ground clearance where you can shred.