WeeMan CRF 110

We built our very good friend Wee Man an epic vintage dirt bike and he was super stoked.

The original XR 75 was the first mini that really got the big boy treatment going from a play bike for kids to something adults could have serious fun on with a little less consequence. It was those early days that inspired our next build for our dear friend Jason, AKA “WeeMan”. J’s not the tallest of our friends and with our experience building the Wee Monkey we had some ideas about how to tweak a new CRF110 specifically for his frame. Some might consider it going backwards, but the first order of business was to ditch the solo shock out the back while swapping the steel swingarm for a trick aluminum BBR unit that had the perfect location for mounting twin motocross shocks.

The twin shocks allowed for a much lower seat height to get J into a comfortable riding position while retaining suspension travel. And with the twin shocks came the inspiration for the aesthetic and the throw back to the XR75. We sourced oem replacement xr75 number plates and fenders to get the vintage flair and well be making a custom seat and fuel tank cover to go over the CRF110 stock fuel tank and perimeter frame. We’ve upgaded the fork, triples, bars and risers as well as tweaked the motor aesthetic and added a Yosh Pipe with a little vintage flair. Many more upgrades to come so stay tuned in the Wee Man CRFXR 110.