West Coast H-D Build

The guys at West Coast HD built this beautiful little Sportster using a heap of parts from the RSD catalog. What’s rad is they used the RSD app to realize the concept.. Check out the paint on the gas tank, straight from the App. This version only exisited in the app, we never built it. So to see it finished so well is amazing.
In order to understand why a build ends up a certain way, you really have to understand the builder on the deepest of levels. We developed a list of calculated questions that reveals the true essence of the build.
How long have you been building bikes and what keeps you doing it?
7 Years now. New trends dictate, so I find one has to keep up to date with the latest trends.
Your stranded on a desert Island, you have to bring someone. And it could be anyone, but you can’t personally know them. Who would it be?
I like my own company – or maybe Al Pacino because he’s a boss!
Do you prefer building Harley’s, or is there another brand that interests you equally aesthetically?
Harleys only please

Wheelies or burnouts?
Neither – I stopped doing that many years ago!

Disc Brakes or Drums?
Disc brakes – I like to stop quickly when needed!
Swingarm arms or rig ids?
Swingarms – I have a bad back!

A guy wants you to build him a bike, it’s exactly what you like to build except his paint idea is hideous. He’s willing to pay you well, but you know you’re going to hate the finished bike. What do you do?
Nothing – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. His “art” is personal to him and may not be my “art”

A guy in a bar asks you what you do, what do you tell him?
That I like to customise bikes and spend lots of my customers money on their behalf

A girl in a bar asks you what you do, what do you tell her?
You have a paid trip to go anywhere in the world and ride a bike with whoever you want .Where do you go and what do you ride with who?
Hmmm, perhaps up the Pacific highway with the Angels on Roland’s Blackline
Dream Car?
There are many! 1950’s Mercedes Benz “Gull wing” or a 56 Chevrolet Belair, 1966 Ford Thunderbird
Dream Bike?
Customised Softail Springer
Worst Crash?
Have never crashed in 34 years of riding (touch wood)
What’s next for your shop?
Hopefully a Softail Slim – with lots of RSD bits and pieces of course!