Check-It Graphics Kit for Indian Challenger

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SKU: 1500
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: 1500
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Let’s be real. Painting a bagger is a pain in the ass. It’s expensive to paint a bike with so much bodywork and worse than that, your bike is going to sit for months waiting for your painter to come through. And that’s all fine and dandy if you like the paint, but as any customizer knows, painters don’t always hit the mark. That’s where the RSD bike graphics come in.

In one day you can completely change the look of your bike with the RSD graphics kit. Available in two styles in either satin or gloss finishes. The Check-It is patterned off the bestselling RSD Check It Bell Helmet colab and takes nearly every surface of your bike into account adding class and flavor to the lines of your Challenger with just enough color to make it pop. The added bonus of being able to update your graphics without the insane cost of actually painting your bike and having it out of commission make the RSD graphics kit an affordable, stylish near instant gratification option. 

Note: If you’ve never installed graphics we recommend calling a 3M certified installer. Click HERE to find a certified 3M instlaler near you. 


  • Multiple design options
  • Fit to your style
  • Available in Matte or Gloss finish
  • Durable Scratch resistant vinyl
  • Laminated UV resistant Protective Clear coat
  • Die-Cut and ready to install
  • UV safe fade resistant ink
  • Squeegee tool included
  • Made in USA

*Ships within 7-10 days of ordering

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