Flat Track Tail Section & Seat for FTR 1200 Aluminum Gas Tank/Subframe

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SKU: 01-40046-B
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SKU: 01-40046-B

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One of the key parts of a flat track race bike is the seating position and tail section styling. Custom race frame builders, of the past and present, use the tail section shape as their signature. These fiberglass tail sections were designed by our friend Mr. Klee and we have been using them since we built our first Indian hooligan race bikes in 2015. Seating position and seat shape came from testing and racing the Superhooligan series on our FTR1200 race bikes. The shape offers smooth sides and a longer seating area for lots of mobility, so the rider can move around to the best position, while the gripper material on the cover helps keep you locked in. The front of the seat blends smoothly to the stock bodywork, allowing rider to more easily get positioned more forward on the bike.


  • Tail section and seat designed for direct use with RSD FTR 1200 Fuel Tank Kit
  • Fiberglass flat track style tail section
  • Padded race seat flows smoothly into stock body work
  • Seat shape allows rider to freely move around on the bike
  • Gripper material on seat cover helps keep rider locked in place
  • Two side number plates and mounting brackets included
  • Manufactured by Saddlemen

*No mount for stock tail light

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