Moto Beach Classic Racer Signups 2023

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Beach Racers, this is your invite to attend and race the Moto Beach Classic October 14th in Huntington Beach. The racing will take place on an asphalt short track just steps away from the surf, in the epicenter of the event, surrounded by custom motorcycles builders, moto & surf centric artisans, and a host of great vendors.  Join us for this one-day, jam-packed, moto event alongside the surf with the craziest Super Hooligan flat track asphalt racing in the nation.  This year’s event will be open to the public so the races will have a large amount of spectators and public attendance.  Race classes are $100 per racer and $50 for a second class. Any additional crew/family/friends that will be in the pit area will require a $20 wrist band and they will need a signed waiver.  We suggest you purchase additional pit wristbands during online registration to speed up the check in process the day of the races, however, additional pit passes will be available day of.

All racers will need to check in early Saturday morning to get their racer & crew wristbands and set up their race pit.  Pit placement is first come, first serve.  There is no electricity in the pits. Detailed load in and load out information will be sent prior to the event.

We are NOT accepting day-of registrations this year.

Class Breakdown: Please see Official Super Hooligan Rulebook for additional requirements

Race classes $125 first race, $50 each additional class


  1. Select your Primary class from the drop-down menu
  2. Choose ONLY additional classes by checking box BELOW each class (make sure not to select your first class again in this section or that will create a double entry for that same class)
  3. Boxes that say Check all that apply below are checked by default and do not add additional cost.
  4. Select how many additional crew passes you want by checking the box BELOW each Pit Pass #_. You can select up to 2 only by selecting each box.
  5. Make sure to fill out the required fields at the end. Fields that say (Super Hooligan Class Only) only need to be filled out if you are racing the Super Hooligan class.

The SHNC retains the right to approve riders based upon their level of experience and ability. If you have not raced Super Hooligan before you must be pre-approved by the SHNC to participate in the Super Hooligan Class. Email and submit a race history.


Super Hooligan

  • Stock Production Street Bike Frames
  • Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine
  • No geometry changes allowed that are not bolt-on
  • No fabrication allowed to change neck angle, no moving stock swingarm pivot location on frame, no cutting off subframes or changing stock upper shock mount location(s), unless it is a bolt-on modification
  • Aftermarket swing arms are allowed
  • Cracked or broken frames are prohibited
  • Kickstands must be removed
  • No front brakes are allowed for Oval flat track events
  • 19” Dirt Flat Track (Class C) racing tires only
  • Rain tires or 17” wheels are not allowed
  • Tires from any manufacturer are permitted
  • No knobbies, street, dual sport or other tire types allowed
  • Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine
  • Engine modifications are open
  • Must weigh at least 400lbs

NOTE: The SHNC retains the right to approve riders based upon their level of experience and ability. If you have not raced the Super Hooligan class before you must be pre-approved by the SHNC to participate. Email and submit your race history.

Hooligan AM

  • Same bike rules as Super Hooligan class, except no professional riders allowed. Just for fun.

Hooligan Ladies

  • Same rules as Hooligan amateur class, except ladies only

Desert/MX Open Knobbies

  • Any year/make/model of offroad MX or Offroad only motorcycle
  • Two stroke or 4 stroke engines
  • No dual sport, ADV or street bikes permitted.
  • “Open Traction” (knobby tires  permitted).

Run What Cha Brung

  • Anything goes. If your bike doesn’t fit in any other class, this is the class for you!
  • Costumes encouraged

Mad Dog Mini

  • Frame & Motor must start life as 156cc or less (any bore & stroke within class spec up to 175cc’s).
  • 2 Valve, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke engines only
  • Normally aspirated motor, no turbo/super charged, etc.
  • No Methanol.
  • Any Frame/Motor combo
  • Any carburetor and airbox
  • Any size wheels and tires
  • “Open Traction” (knobby tires  permitted)

Vintage Air Cooled

  • Air-cooled ONLY
  • Any year or style of vintage or classic air-cooled motorcycle.
  • Two stroke and four stroke permitted
  • Open Traction (knobbies permitted)

Big Twin (Dyna, Bagger, Softail, FXR, Chief, Challenger)

  • American V-Twin street bikes only
  • Anything goes (except nothing sharp that can hurt yourself or other riders)

Super Moto

  • Supermotard bikes only
  • 17” supermoto wheels and tires only
  • Front brakes are permitted

Electric Open

  • Any electric two-wheeled vehicle permitted


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