Fred Hall Show - Del Mar: Racer Registration

$75.00 - $100.00
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The official registration page of the Super Hooligan National Championship. Whether you're running heavy bikes with the big dogs in the Super Hooligan class or the Mad Dog mini bike class, this is the spot to register for the greatest race on two wheels. Anyone is welcome, so if you think you've got the cajones to get out there and be someone then this is the spot to put your money where your mouth is.

AMA Membership:

If you are not already a member of the AMA, please CLICK HERE to create your membership. You must enter your ID in the registration field above in order to register to race.

Class Breakdown: Please see Official Super Hooligan Rulebook for additional requirements 

  • Super Hooligan
    • Stock Production Street Bike Frames
    • Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine
    • No geometry changes allowed that are not bolt-on
    • No fabrication allowed to change neck angle, no moving stock swingarm pivot location on frame, no cutting off subframes or changing stock upper shock mount location(s), unless it is a bolt-on modification
    • Aftermarket swing arms are allowed
    • Cracked or broken frames are prohibited
    • Kickstands must be removed
    • No front brakes are allowed for Oval flat track events
    • Front brakes are allowed only for TT events
    • 19” Dirt Flat Track (Class C) racing tires only
    • Rain tires or 17” wheels are not allowed
    • Tires from any manufacturer are permitted
    • No knobbies, street, dual sport or other tire types allowed
    • Stock, production motorcycle must have originated with a 750cc twin or larger displacement engine
    • Engine modifications are open
    • Must weigh at least 400lbs
  • Hooligan
    • Same requirements as Super Hooligan (see above)
  • Big Twin (1300cc+)
    • Any Big Twin curiser 1300cc in displacement or larger
    • No Sportsters
  • Run What Ya Brung
    • Must have 2 wheels
  • Supermoto
    • Dirtbike, enduro or factory supermoto with 17" or 16.5" wheels & tires
  • Mad Dog (125cc and under)
    • Mini bikes 125cc and under (no pull-starts)
  • Desert/MX (Open Knobbie)
    • Dirtbike, enduro or desert sled
    • Knobbie tires required
    • No cc restrictions

The Del Mar Super Hooligan race will be held on coarse asphalt. Race leathers are highly recommended for all riders. 

Note: Super Hooligan Registration cost is $100 which includes transponder and timing. All other classes are $75. Each additional class registration is $40. We recommend racers keep class registrations to a maximum of 3 per rider, but if you would like to register for additional classes please email to receive a discount code.


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