RSD Barstow Goggles 2021

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SKU: 1514
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: 1514
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RSD teamed up with the top goggle manufacturer 100% Speedlab to give you all the flash your face can handle. The 100% Barstow Roland Sands Design Goggles are the creme de la creme. The gucciest goggle in the game. Pop 'em on and peel out. Whether you're tearing up asphalt or destroying dirt, these goggles will keep your eyeballs safe while giving your gear game that extra panache only Roland Sands can deliver.  


  • Frame: Minimal frame design works in union with distinct lens shape to increase visibility
  • Strap: Premium strap trim elevates performance and adds rich detail
  • Foam: Triple-layer face foam provides excellent moisture management
  • Lens: Anti-fog polycarbonate lens with integrated pins for seamless tear off application
  • Vents: Upper vents force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging
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