RSD X Speakeasy Original

Apr 29th 2021

At RSD it’s no secret that we are lovers of all things metal, things crafted by hand with passion. The process to create art through manipulating metal is what drives us. Grinding, sparks flying, shaping, and creating 2 wheeled machines out of metal, and making shit go fast is what we love to do. And it's rad when you find someone working in another medium that shares that passion. Where quality is everything, and the devil is always lurking in the details. Enter, Speakeasy Original. 

Roland Sands Design F#K Luck Ring Set
Sold out

Roland Sands Design Track Ring
Sold out

Roland Sands Design Hammer Pendant
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Roland Sands Design GTFO Pendant
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When we set out to develop a jewelry product line, we chose to partner with Jonathan from Speakeasy Original. His passion for creating premium quality silver jewelry and his vision for the Speakeasy Originals brand was a perfect fit for RSD. Jonathan has a background in product design, and a love for Kustom Culture. What started as a creative outlet has developed into something truly special, and we would not be more excited to highlight his brand, passion, and products.


"The way we do things here at Speakeasy Original combines the old school and the new. Our design style is clean, yet bold. We look everywhere for inspiration, from the things we see to the people we meet. A design can start from some tools and a piece of wax, pencil and a napkin, or on a computer screen. The amount of time, effort, and passion that we pour in that design is where the magic happens. We don’t stop until we’re completely satisfied with it.

From there the process jumps to the shop, which just happens to be our garages. This is where we makes molds, pour wax, cast molten metal, grind, polish, pack and ship. Nothing goes out that door without our approval that it is at the highest quality for a custom made piece of jewelry made in the USA! Besides the support of my family, I have help from a couple good friends, James and Travis, who I couldn’t do this without! Our love for this brand and the motorcycle industry is what drives us to keep pushing and making cool shit!" - JONATHAN CLINGENPEEL

Interested in something fully custom or a mult-piece run? Hit up Jonathan to learn more! CLICK HERE

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